About Us


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Whimsy Girls is an e-commerce web site that specializes in selling dress up costumes and accessories for little girls year-round. We are unique because we provide a secure shopping atmosphere, competitive prices and friendly customer service.

Whimsy Girls is a business idea that grew out of the love of watching my daughter play dress up and how happy pretty little things make her every day. I wanted a business that could take her love of girly things and my need to stay home with my family more and that’s how Whimsy Girls came to be. Throughout my life, I have held all kinds of jobs from enlisting in the US Air Force to public relations to training astronauts for NASA. Now, my goal is to grow Whimsy Girls into a profitable business that I can pass down to my daughter one day.

As a working mom, I understand how time consuming it can be to drive all over town looking for the perfect costume or accessory. Whimsy Girls strives to be your one-stop shop for all your fairytale dress up needs. I also understand that most of the costumes out there aren’t made well or itch too much for your little princess to wear for more than five minutes. I have spent most of my time sourcing manufacturers that take pride in their work. Most of all, I have found products made mostly here in the USA. As a veteran of the US Air Force, selling products made on our soil is something very important to me. Those products not made in the USA are screened for quality and sourced from reputable manufacturers overseas.

I am currently researching charities for partnerships. Whimsy Girls goal is to make a difference in the community in addition to providing a great products to you.

Whimsy Girls thanks you for your business and if you have any questions please e-mail us or visit our blog.

Sean Wilson